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Half Marathon
Hee Haw Donkey by Rabbit Glovermore “Stдote And Riven”

One day, I was in Manhattan on Election Day. I decided goto Rockerfellower Outside Ice ring to see the USA map curved into the Ice ring. When, I got there, none of the lights where on. I was desponded since I had to leave back home in NCA, home of Green Day and Journey, which I saw live in 2000, my first rock band concert.  But, I did walk down the Election Red Carpet in Rockerfellower right by the Ice ring. And I saw Donkey. Of course the Elephant. I got right next to the Donkey, since I’m one, but that is another story. With my Ing New York City Medal on. Before, the pitcher was taking, the Donkey pick up my medal in it’s plum. And then the pitcher was taking.

Hee Haw Donkey, I got a pitcher with a Donkey (repeat 3 times), Hee Haw to meeeee, me and the donkey share the wonderful time together with my medal, I’m so happy, to meet my party mate. Hee Haw Donkey, lets go walking together in Manhattan, around the island, just me and you, Hee Haw Donkey.

Goodbye TRL, I well miss so mush, I which you hadn’t to go, but they all say good things come to and end, Time Square well empty without you, I had my chance to be on your show, but God got in my way, I hope you can came back, for all of the songwriters like me, ten years seems pretty long. Who will take over your great Top 10 songs, walking though Manhattan at 3:00PM, and all the people will being looking at empty big screen TV, without and TRL ad. So, I well say Goodbye TRL, and hoping you well come someday. Course